AFRINIC Bylaws (2007) - Archived


 12.1. A Director shall cease to hold office until:

(i) his term of office expires, without prejudice to Article 11;

(ii) he signs a written notice of resignation and delivers it to the address for service of the Company, which notice shall be effective when it is received at that address or at such later time as may be specified in the notice;

(iii) he is removed by the affirmative vote of two-thirds of all other Directors;

(iv) upon the recommendation of the Member who nominated that Director for election pursuant to Article 10.40, he is removed by the affirmative vote of the majority of all other Directors;

(v) he otherwise ceases to be a Director pursuant to Section 139 of the Act; or

(vi) the Director being the Chief Executive Officer, on the Board terminating his employment as Chief Executive Officer.


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