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Online Voting


Security - BPKI Certificate (optional)


Only contacts that have received and have a valid BPKI certificate will be allowed access to the Election Centre. If the contact does not have a BPKI certificate, they will neither be allowed to appoint a proxy nor vote online. Administrative contacts who do not have their BPKI certificate should send an e-mail to bpki-help [at] with necessary identifying documents (e.g. National ID card, first two pages of a valid passport or driver's license). Once their request has been approved, he/she will be able to access the Election section of MyAFRINIC.

If you are not an Administrative contact (for e.g. a technical contact), you can make a request directly within MyAFRINIC by clicking on the "Request BPKI" button, the Administrative contacts of your organisation will receive an email and shall accept your request.

To be able to vote, the user must select a valid BPKI certificate.


If the user wants to vote online, he/she selects the second button, submits and gets to the voting page.



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