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Meeting Dakar 2004

AfriNIC Board Meeting 22nd May 2004

The AfriNIC BoT

Resolutions 200405001-DKR

Following the good report given by the Project Manager and the different
hosting countries present on the setup progress, the BoT resolved that a
letter of appreciation should be sent to:

•  South Africa DoC.

•  ISP Association of Mauritius .

•  Egypt MICT.

•  UUNET South Africa .

Resolution 200405002-DKR

Resolved that AfriNIC will adopt a logo similar to the following visual:


Some change need to be make on it like the spelling of AfriNIC, adding
one color and including Indian Ocean region. The Board mandates the
Project Manager to it up.

Resolution 200405003-DKR

Resolved that AfriNIC need a mission statement and endorsed the proposal
made by the Project Manager as follows:

“To provide professional and efficient distribution of Internet number resources to
the African Internet community, to support Internet technology usage and development
across the continent and to strengthen Internet self-governance in Africa by encouraging
participatory policy development.”

Resolution 200405008-DKR

Resolve to approve 20004 Budget proposed by the Project Manager and awaiting
approval in the member meeting.