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Meeting Maputo 2005

April 26 2005 MINUTES OF BOARD MEETING HELD ON THE 25 APRIL 2005. Venue: Hotel Avenida, Maputo PRESENT: Pierre Dandjinou (PD), Chair Sunday Folyanan (SF) Kenneth Yip Tong (KY) Viv Padayatchy (VP) Alan P. Barrett (APB) Alan Levin (AL) Pierre Motumbe (PM) Didier Kasole (DK) Mokhtar Hamdi (MH) Adiel Akplogan (AA) Apologies: Brian Longwe (BL) Charles Musisi (CM) Observer: AfriNIC Staff Harish Gowrisunkur (HG)

The Meeting started at 6.15 pm and ended at 00.30 a.m. on April 26. Agenda: 0) Previous meeting report adoption 1) AfriNIC update 2) 2005/2006 Budget 3) Choice of AfriNIC region's 3rd representative in the NRO NC. 4) AfriNIC and the NRO. 5) AfriNIC and the WSIS/WGIG discussion * IP address distribution * IPv6 national allocation/reservation proposal 6) AfriNIC collaboration with other African Organisation * AfNOG * AfTLD 7) AOB * AfriNIC-3 * AfriNIC-4 * New Staff Opening Mr Pierre Dandjinou opened the meeting by welcoming everybody. He congratulated AfriNIC for obtaining official recognition from ICAAN as the fifth Internet registry. 0) Recap of previous board minutes PD recapped the previous board minutes of the meeting held in Capetown. It has been noticed that an updated minute has note been send to the mailing list after the comments on the first draft (the final draft will be circulated). The minute has been adopted The open action items have been reviewed: Action Item [200412-01] (AA) AfriNIC should make an evaluation on registration database before January 15th Done - and an AfriNIC has finally developed its own registration software with the support of the RIRs (mainly ARIN software engineering team). Action Item [200412-02] (AA) To select appropriate accounting software. Done ­ Pastel has been selected and implemented. Action Item [200412-03] (AL & AB) To advertise for the vacancy for the Software Engineer post in specified IT Magazines as well as SA local press. Deadline for vacancy is 15th of January. Alan Barett and Alan Levin will be responsible for placing the advert. Salary has been scaled to ZAR 20,000 (3,500 USD). Done ­ No result. No further application from South Africa has been received. A software Engineer has been selected and will take his position on June 1st. Action Item [200012-04] (AA, VP & KY) To make the Administrative Office in Mauritius ready for Ray's Visit, which is on 12th of January. Done ­ ARIN and the NRO has conducted two visits to AfriNIC office prior to the final recognition. Action Item [200412-05] (AA) To print out all emails for archive. Still Open: Ongoing activity Action Item [200412-06] (AA) Investigation on the opportunity of having AfriNIC-3 in North Africa, either Egypt or Morocco. Done - Will be in Egypt. Action Item [200412-07] (AA) AA will be given one week to think about the representatives of Afrinic at ASO AC. Done ­ Representatives has been selected and appointed (Alain Aina and Gregory Massel) Action Item [200412-08] (AA) To re-contact Charles Musisi and Ayitey about the training of 2005 Done ­ but need follow up. Action Item [200412-09] (AA). To propose a paper on Afrinic's position in IPv6 deployment in Africa Open Action Item [200412-10] Committees need to be more active and report in February and has to chose a chair person amongst themselves and they should report about their activities in each meeting. Deadline is January 15th. Committees should come with a TOR about the chairperson to be selected. Open Action Item [20041205-12] (AA) Election process should be reviewed and sent to the board by next week. Elections should take place in Apri lduring the AGM in Maputo. Done ­ Draft sent to the list for review. Action Item [20041205-13] (AA) The tag line for the logo to be changed to 'The African Internet Numbers Registry' Done. Action Item [200412-14] (AA, VP & KY): Paperwork related to the appointment of the directors in Mauritius to be completed. Still open Action Item [200412-16] AA Work contract for the CEO. AA will give more details about his contract to PD. KY proposed that PD reviews the contract and all directors vote it. Still open Action Item [200412-17] (AA) To have business cards printed for all board members. Done for active board members 1 - AfriNIC Update AA gave an update of AfriNIC's activities to the board since the last session held in Capetown. He highlighted the following: • AfriNIC now fully operational as an independent entity in Mauritius • Recruitment of a new CFO, Harish Gowrisunkur since March 2005 • Recruitment of a new Software engineer Mr. Frank Nnebe from 1 June • LIR Training in Maputo has been successful. There were 30 participants for the English language training and around 10 for the French language training • Registration database has been implemented. • Financial software, Pastel has now been implemented and is live. 2 - AfriNIC budget 2005 and 2004 account AA asked HG the new CFO to present the 2004 final accounts and the draft 2005 budget. He started by giving a position of what happened in 2004. He presented the financial highlights and these were: 2004 Actual Budget ============================================== Income $212,693 $226,400 Expenditure $100,798 $191,790 Surplus $111,895 $34,610 Capital Expenditure $9,389 $27,000 In 2004, AfriNIC managed to save more than $77,000 than it was budgeted. These savings were mainly due to the fact that there has been savings in costs of more than $90,000. This also due to the fact that Mr Adiel Akplogan did not take his CEO salary in 2004 from AfriNIC and is still paid as Project Manger from South Africa budget. The Mauritius budget should compensate Mr.Adiel Akplogan by the difference between the salary earned in SA and his contractual CEO Salary. 2.1 Budget 2005 HG presented the 2005 budget. He stated that AfriNIC needed to build sufficient reserves in order to be able to take the Operating Costs of the South African operations in 2007. The highlights of the budget were: 2005 Income $491,433 Members $410,433 Grants $81,000 Expenditure $360,908 Operating $222,525 HR $138,383 Surplus $130,525 Capital Expenditure $66,400 Motor Vehicle $40,000 Equipment $26,400 A five year forecast was presented to the board whereby it is noted that in 2007, AfriNIC will stop to receive funding from the South African government and a deficit estimated at $141,000 is expected. To compensate that, the surpluses retained as reserves in 2004 of $111,895 and in 2005 of $130,525 will be used to offset the 2007 operating deficit. Also a comparative report on 2004 budget has been presented following a request from some board membersto including the South Africa expenses. The report highlight is attached in the pdf file. KY has suggested that to have a better analysis of the situation in 2007 a business plan must be produced for South Africa operations taking in account all the possibilities of collocation of this part of AfriNIC activities. AL volunteers to help to working on the business plan. After deliberation, the budget was approved by the board to be submitted to the members. During the discussion on the budget the issue of AfriNIC tax status in Mauritius was raised. AfriNIC as not-for-profit Company should not be paying tax on incomes as these incomes are made from membership and are intend to be used for Internet development project in Africa. That has been one of the reasons why the board has chosen to register AfriNIC in Mauritius. APB has suggested a resolution to move AfriNIC from Mauritius if there is no way for AfriNIC as International not-for-profit Organisation operating for the whole continent to have some tax and advantage in the country. We must then look at other opportunity in other countries. It has also been suggested by some board members that AfriNIC staff has to provide the board regularly with detailed operational information. This suggestion has been considered by KY, and SF as unfeasible and unpractical as the board doesn't have an operational role but strategic. Operation task and control lied on the CEO and his staff. For strategic decision what the board need is a regular report on AfriNIC activities including financial status. The Financial committee has to draft a recommendation on how this information must be provided. 2.2 - A discussion has taken place on AfriNIC fees 2005 The fees for 2005 were presented by Harish Gowrisunkur. Alan Levin stated that small member fees were too high and these needed to be reduced. HG then showed a simulation of the impact reducing extra small fees from $1750 to $1500. This would result in a deficit for three years. Mr Kenneth Yip Tong remarked that deficit is not good for AfriNIC. According to AL, the proportion of increase for the other categories is not consistent considering the ration number of IP/$. He then suggest, to avoid complain from ARIN region member (specially from South Africa) that the upper membership category by readjust to show some consistency. His proposal was to raise the medium, large and extra large member fees as follows: • Medium to $6,500 • Large to $13,000 • Extra Large to $20,000 After discussion among the board, the above suggestion has been ratified. It has to be noted that AA expressed his reserve because this will mean an increase of more that 100% for Large and extra large members from RIPE region while this will not affect any member from ARIN Region as there is no LARGE and Extra Large members from ARIN region. On a proposal from AL to allow AfriNIC to have more affiliate members, the member only fees will be reduced from $400 to $100. After some discussion on the back slash of their proposal the board finally accepted it with an action item to define the level of voting right of the Members Only. 3 - Choice of AfriNIC region's 3rd representative in the NRO NC. AA explain the process for NRO NC (ASO AC) member selection according to the NRO MoU. From his explanation, 2 representatives must be elected by the community and one appointed by the board. After some discussions on the process and the difference between the NRO and ASO, it has been suggested that the board appoint one of its member as the third representative. SF nominates Alan Barrett for that position. PD move on the nomination and finally all the other board members approved it. 5) AfriNIC and the WSIS/WGIG discussion * IP address distribution * IPv6 national allocation/reservation proposal There was a discussion about AfriNIC participation in the WSIS/WGIG work. There are some sensitive discussions which impact AfriNIC as RIR, especially IP address management and IPv6 address plan. AA also reminds the board about the call for contribution he received from ATU on the African Common Position on the WSIS. He asked for volunteer to help him draft an answer. PD, AL and VP have volunteered to join the response committee which must send its response to ATU by April 29th. The board has been asked by the chairman (PD) tobe very attentive to the ongoing discussion in this area. 6) AfriNIC collaboration with other African Organisatin * AfNOG * AfTLD AA has informed the board about the request from AfNOG admin committee for a better cooperate with AfriNIC and to have a formal MoU for AfriNIC to commit a formal support to AfNOG activities. After some clarification given by APB, it has been decided that AfriNIC (trough APB) request AfNOG admin com to send a formal request to AfriNIC about which support is needed from AfriNIC and what will the basis of the MoU. AA say there is an open panel in the AfriNIC meeting agenda to discuss AfriNIC cooperation with other bodies. 7) AOB * AfriNIC-3: Location for AfriNIC 3 has been discussed and AA informedthat Egypt is willing to host the event. Dr. Kamel has agreed to host it and ensure the support of the Egyptian Government. The date has to be finalised. The proposed date is November 22nd to 24th. This has to be confirmed by the hosting entity. AA will follow up on that. Other items Some board members raised the issue of reimbursement of their expenses other than ticket and accommodation, incurred by their attendance to Board meeting. AfriNIC used to pay for board travel ticket in coach class and Accommodation. Some board member feels unfair that they are accommodated in 5 star hotel while their incidental are not been reimbursed. After some discussion on the subject it has been agree to apply AfriNIC policy to the matter. Board member will then be paid a per diem of 50 USD per day and for a maximum of 4 days. ============== Action items ============== Action item #200504-01 (FC) To give AfriNIC a guideline for submitting financial report to the board on periodic time basis. Action item #200504-02 (PD) To complete the CEO working contract evaluation including benefits and share it with the other board member for approval. Action item #200504-03 (AA, KY, AL) To work on a business plan on AfriNIC Operation in South Africa. Action item #200504-04 (AL) AL to propose a policy for 1) IP address recovery in AfriNIC region 2) a Policy to readjust legacy LIR billing according to their real allocation. AL to contact SA ISP to get consensus on this matter as most of LIR affected by this are located in SA. Action item #200504-05 (AA) To create a secure collaborative environment for board to be able to access internal management documents (such as policies, report etc…) Action item #200504-06 (AA) To draft a prosal to amend the bylaw and the Membership agreement on Member-Only right of vote. Action item # 200504-07 (VP, AL, AA) To work on response to the ATU call for contribution on African Common Position paper on the WSIS process Action item #200504-08 (APB) APB to contact AfNOG Administrative committee to ask them to provide AfriNIC with their needs regarding AfriNIC/AfNOG cooperation. Action item #200504-09 (AA) To follow up with Egypt on AfriNIC-3 meeting organization's details. Action item #200504-10 (AA) To provide a report to the board on AfriNIC tax status in Mauritius.