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Ting’a Ting’a


tingaTing’aTing’a is the swahili word for Tunnel. It also doubles for the word tractor or bulldozer that pushes progress forward through building such tunnels, bringing useful and necessary recourses to regions that were considered before hard to reach.


As part of its Ting’aTing’a initiative, AFRINIC will provide free tunnel broker services to organizations in the parts of the African region that are interested in testing and experimenting with IPv6.


There are already free Tunnel services available in places; however, these are usually situated in areas of the Internet that are not geographically close to Africa. Connecting to a Tunnel broker service that is, for example, in the UK, will mean that participants often lose access to quicker/shorter paths that may be available to them through local peering points. By acting as a local tunnel facilitator, AfriNIC aims to solve this, by keeping IPv6 peering local, improving performance and helping to kick start IPv6 usage.


The end-sites subscribing to the Tunnel Broker will subscribe for a “Testing Phase” connection, meaning the connection will be established for a certain period of time only whereby if the subscriber exceeds a certain predefined limit of bandwidth (2MBs), the Tunnel Broker will automatically notify them via email informing him that they have passed the “Testing Phase” limit and that they are encourage to move into production mode.


A list of the nearest IPv6 capable LIRs/ISPs participating in the Tunnel initiative will be sent to the subscriber so that they could continue getting their IPv6 connectivity from whomever they see fit for the task on a paid-for basis.


If you are interested in participating in this programme please fill in this form.