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Resource Policy Manual - DRAFT



  • AFRINIC: The African Network Information Centre
  • APNIC: The Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
  • ARIN: The American Registry for Internet Numbers
  • SAW: Sub-allocation Window
  • IANA: Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
  • ICANN: Internet Community for Assigned Names and Numbers
  • IP: Internet Protocol
  • LACNIC: Latin American and Caribbean Network Information Centre
  • LIR: Local Internet Registry
  • PA: Provider Aggregatable
  • PI: Provider Independent
  • RIR: Regional Internet Registry
  • RFC: Request for Comments
  • IETF: Internet Engineering Task Force
  • PDP: Policy Development Process
  • ASN: Autonomous System Number
  • NRO: Number Resource Organisation

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# Mark Elkins 2013-11-29 17:27
The Soft Landing section is missing the 10%rule (what percentage can be used outside of the area). As this was the first thing I looked for - I have no idea what else might be missing.
# EB 2014-01-10 14:06

The "10%" requirement appears to have been removed at one point during the revisions and discussions. The final content restricting out-of-region usage reads: "AfriNIC resources are for AfriNIC service region and any use outside the region should be solely in support of connectivity back to the AfriNIC region"

See 3.8 of

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