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Mark Elkins appointed to the NRO NC

21 April 2015 - The AFRINIC Board of Directors has appointed Mark Elkins to the NRO NC to replace Alan Barrett, who was recently appointed CEO of the organisation.
Mr. Elkins’ term will end on 31 December 2015 as he will continue the current term that was held by Mr. Barrett on the Number Council.

For more information on the NRO NC please see the NRO website at

Mr Janvier Ngnoulaye Appointed on the CRISP Team

16 April 2015 - Please note that the AFRINIC Board has appointed Mr. Janvier Ngnoulaye to replace Mr. Alan Barrett on the CRISP team (consequent to Alan Barrett's appointment as the AFRINIC Chief Executive Officer).

For background and details on the CRISP Team, please see the NRO website:

For background on the AFRINIC IANA Transition process, please see our website:

For background on the ICG and the IANA Stewardship Transition process, please see the ICG website:



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