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Election to the NRO-NC/ASO-AC

We are pleased to inform you that, following the election that took place during the AFRINIC-21 Meeting in Mauritius, Mr. Douglas Onyango has been elected to represent AFRINIC's service region in the Number Resource Organization's Name Council - NRO-NC (also known as the ICANN ASO-AC: ICANN Address Supporting Organization's Address Council).

Our congratulations to Douglas and we wish him success for his new mandate.

Change of Board Leadership

 In the interest of a smooth transition at AFRINIC, with the departure of Adiel Akplogan in January 2015,  I have decided to step down as Chair to enable Sunday Folayan who was acting as my Vice Chair assume the role of Chair of AFRINIC’s Board of Directors, with immediate effect.  
My term as Board member and Chair would have come to an end in June 2015.  Therefore this decision was taken to ensure that the incoming CEO is inducted and strongly supported by an established Chairmanship, and not by one that would be incoming as well.
As Sunday Folayan assumes the role of Chairman of the Board I will become Vice-Chair for the rest of my term.
Myself and the board believe this will give a good foundation for the transition process, since it is evident that the process to find a new CEO will take some time
I have enjoyed my tenure as the chair of the Afrinic board and would like to thank the community for entrusting me with such an important role to the Region. 
Badru Ntege
Vice Chair 

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