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AFRINIC Logo Competition in Commemoration of 10 Years of AFRINIC

 Calling all artists and design enthusiasts!

In commemoration of its 10 years of existence, AFRINIC invites all individuals to participate in this anniversary celebration. 

 For this occasion, AFRINIC is organising a logo competition to draw all design talents for this proud moment. 

 The winning logo design will be featured on all AFRINIC communication materials, both in print and online throughout the Year 2015.  It will also be used during the Africa Internet Summit and the AFRINIC-23 Meeting.


 The winner will receive a certificate of appreciation from AFRINIC in addition to a prize.

 How to Enter

 Submit entries by uploading your designs at: as a scalable vector graphic in EPS format, and also as a JPG.

 Include in your submission form your name, age, postal address, phone number and email address.

 There is no fee to enter the Contest and only a maximum of 3 Entries can be submitted per contestant.


Required Elements

The logo must contain the image of AFRINIC’s current corporate logo, which can be found at 

The colors to be used are Black, Orange, and/or Gray on a white background.  

The logo must also contain the words “AFRINIC 10 years”.

The logo must not contain any other text besides that required above.

Upload your submission through our online web form at :


Entry Deadline

The deadline for Entries is  9 November 2014 at midnight  UTC.


*** Disclaimer:  The winning design of AFRINIC’s 10 years and all other designs submitted will become the property of AFRINIC and cannot be used by designer for any other purpose.


Good luck!






AFRINIC-21 Fellowship

 AFRINIC is pleased to announce that the AFRINIC-21 fellowship selection process is now complete and the following applicants have been selected to receive a fellowship to attend AFRINIC-21, being held in Ebene, Republic of Mauritius, from 22 to 28 November 2014:

1. Yapi Le Landry - Ivory Coast

2. Munezero Patrick - Burundi

3. Dernster Ngauma - Malawi

4. Sara Alamin Mohamed Hassan - Sudan

5. Wafa Dahmani - Tunisia

6. Abdeldjalil Bachar Bong Aware - Chad

7. Ngeje Nganate - Botswana

8. Deguenonvo Armand Sessi Roland - Benin

Congratulations and we look forward to collaborating with you on Internet development initiatives in the African Region.  

Fellowships will also be offered for the AIS 2015 Meeting to be held in Tunisia from 24 May to 5 June 2015. The community will be informed through our mailing lists and social media platforms when the application period opens. 

For more information about AFRINIC-21 please visit:


AFRINIC a le plaisir d'annoncer que le processus de sélection des boursiers d'AFRINIC-21 est maintenant terminé et les candidats suivants ont été sélectionnés pour recevoir une bourse leurs permettant d’assister à la réunion d'AFRINIC-21, qui se tiendra à Maurice du 22 au 28 novembre 2014 :

1. Yapi Le Landry - Côte D'Ivoire

2. Munezero Patrick - Burundi

3. Dernster Ngauma - Malawi

4. Sara Alamin Mohamed Hassan - Sudan

5. Wafa Dahmani - Tunisie

6. Abdeldjalil Bachar Bong Aware - Tchad

7. Ngeje Nganate - Botswana

8. Deguenonvo Armand Sessi Roland - Bénin


Félicitations et nous sommes heureux de collaborer avec vous dans vos initiatives de développement de l'Internet dans la région africaine.

Des bourses seront également offertes pour la réunion de l'AIS 2015 qui se tiendra en Tunisie du 24 Mai au 5 Juin 2015. La communauté sera informée de l’ouverture de l’appel à candidatures à travers nos listes de diffusion et nos réseaux sociaux. 

Pour plus d’informations à propos d'AFRINIC-21, veuillez consulter :





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