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AFRINIC Elects New Board Members

As a result of the Elections for Board seats 5 & 6 that took place on Friday 05 June 2015 during the Annual General Members' Meeting (AGMM) in Tunis, we are pleased to announce the appointment of the following candidates to the AFRINIC Board:

The new Board members will serve for a term of three years starting 01 July 2015. We congratulate the new Board Members and wish them success in their new roles.

During this meeting, the following two directors also announced their decision to resign from the Board with immediate effect:

  • Paulos Nyirenda (Southern Africa)
  •  Badru Ntege (Eastern Africa)

They will be replaced in the Board by the following two people, who will serve until the end of their terms on 30 June 2015:

  • Mark Elkins (formerly the Alternate director for Southern Africa
  • John Walubengo (formerly the Alternate director for Eastern Africa)

The now-vacant posts of Alternate Directors for the two affected regions will not be replaced, because the position of Alternate Director is being phased out per the bylaws approved in 2013.


We would like to thank all the other candidates who stood for this election, as well as the outgoing board members. Their interest to serve the community is highly appreciated.

The Elections CommitteeNominations Committee and all who contributed in coordinating the process are greatly commended.


03 June 2015 



Click here to access the Draft Financial Statement 2014

1. The AFRINIC Board met on 31 May 2015 and received a report from its Audit Committee on the 2014 annual audit and also received the draft 2014 Financial Statements (FS). The Board reconvened on 1 June 2015 to further consider the reports from the Audit Committee.

2. The Board has found it necessary to send this statement of its observations so that the community has time to consider the details in preparation for the AGMM.

3. The Board also attaches the final draft of the 2014 Financial Statements as a follow up on its first release of a preliminary draft provided on 25 May 2015.

4. The Board notes that its Audit Committee met as scheduled on 20 May 2015 to consider the Audit Report from the AFRINIC external auditor, KPMG, that was due on 15 May 2015. This was followed up by another meeting on 29 May 2015 that was designed to prepare a report for the Board.

5. The Boards notes that the 2014 audit was to be conducted and monitored based on a time-line that was agreed by the Board through its Audit Committee, AFRINIC secretariat coordinated by the Finance Director and the Auditor, KPMG.


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