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Key-Signing Key (KSK) Roll-over for AFRINIC RDNS Zones


This week, AFRINIC will roll-over the Key-Signing Keys (KSKs) of all our RDNS zones as per the DPS.

Once we verify that the roll-over has been successful, we will update the DS records of the zones in their respective parent zones.

No action is required from you unless for some reasons you are using our keys as Trust Anchors.

Please find more information on DNSSEC at AFRINIC at


AFRINIC NomCom 2013 : Call for Volunteers


This year, AFRINIC will run several Elections and according to our bylaws (Section 9), a Nomination committee appointed by the Board must work to ensure appropriate candidates are nominated to run for open seats (Seats 1, 2 and 7 - Bylaws Section 13)

The committee will be composed of 4 members as followed:

  • 1 member selected from within the Board
  • 3 members selected by Board from the community.

To fill the three positions open for the community we are looking for volunteers.


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