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Successful Conclusion of AFRINIC Training in Mbabane - Swaziland - 8 to 11 July 2014

AFRINIC, the Regional Internet Registry for Africa in conjunction with the Ministry of Information, Communications & Telecommunications  of Swaziland has just concluded a four (04) day IPv6 and Internet Number Resources Management training course in Mbabane.  Running from the 8 to 11 July 2014, the event was held at Royal Swazi Sun hotel in Ezulwini, Swaziland and led by Mukom Akong Tamon of AFRINIC. 

This event falls under AFRINIC's training program which aims to help network engineers in AFRICA better plan and manage Internet Number resources and IPv6 networks.

The course was attended by 23 participants from the Telecommunications Sector, Internet service organisations and Universities of Swaziland. 

We wish to extend our appreciation to the Swaziland Government for hosting this workshop and making it a success.

Warm Regards.

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ICANN Confirms IANA Oversight Transition Coordination Group Members

ICANN has published the list of confirmed members of the Coordination Group. The Coordination Group will be responsible for preparing a transitional proposal which takes into account the various needs of all of the IANA's stakeholders. 

The Coordination Group is comprised of individuals nominated by each represented community. These 27 individuals represent 13 communities of both all stakeholders. Adiel Akplogan, CEO of AFRINIC, and Paul Wilson, Managing Director of APNIC, were selected by the Number Resource Organization (NRO) to represent the five RIR communities collectively.  

You can find the full list of names here

Find out more about the IANA Oversight Transition and how you can get involved here


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