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Safari Park Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya

Draft Minutes of AfriNIC BoT meeting

Date: 8 August 2002
Place: Safari Park Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya


Alan Barrett (South Africa) < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >

Nii Quaynor opened the meeting at 11:45.

1. Appointment of Hostmasters

[Pierre Kasengedia recused himself from the meeting,
because he was one of the applicants]

It was noted that approximately 30 applications had been received,
including some of a very high quality.

It was decided to appoint one senior and one junior person.

RESOLUTION: Having reviewed the hostmaster applications,
the Board resolves to offer to Adiel Akplogan
a position as senior hostmaster, starting as soon as possible.

Proposed: Richard Bell
Seconded: Nii Quaynor
Passed unanimously

It was decided to short-list three candidates for consideration for
appointment as a junior hostmaster, to interview those candidates,
and to appoint one. Noting that Adiel Akplogan is French speaking
and from West Africa, it was decided that the short-listed candidates
must be fluent in English and should preferably not be from
West Africa.

ACTION: Each board member is asked to nominate two candidates for
consideration. The short-list will be determined from these

[Pierre Kasengedia re-joined the meeting and was informed of the
decisions just taken.]

2. Application for ICANN recognition

It was suggested that AfriNIC should make application for
provisional approval from ICANN, and that the application should
be submitted before the ICANN meeting in Shanghai in October 2002.

ACTION: Charles Musisi to review LACNIC's application and to
draft an application for approval by the Board. Drafting
should be done in consultation with Mohammed Diop.

ACTION: Nii Quaynor to request Mohammed Diop to work on any other
documents that are required to go with the application to ICANN.

3. Call for proposals for hosting

It was suggested that a call for proposals for hosting of AfriNIC
operations should be made in September 2002, and that applicants
should have three months (until December 2002) to submit

RESOLUTION: Resolved to issue the CFP early in September 2002,
to set 1 December 2002 as the application deadline, and
to make a decision on hosting by 1 February 2002.

Proposed: Ramboaslalma Haja
Seconded: Pierre Dandjinou
Passed unanimously

4. Future meetings

It was noted that the next ICANN meeting is in Shanghai in October 2002, and that
the next AfNOG meeting is likely to be in May 2003.

It was suggested that the BoT should meet in January 2003.
Richard Bell suggested a meeting in South Africa.

It was noted that travel expenses are a problem, and that sponsorship
would be useful.

It was decided that the mailing list would be used for further discussion about a meeting.

5. Other business

It was noted that the AfriNIC web site is not as useful as it
could be.

ACTION: Alan Barrett to create a call for proposals for web site
design and hosting.

It was noted that community support could be demonstrated by means other than paid

ACTION: Charles Musisi to create a web-based mechanism for
registering support, and also for paying for membership.

The meeting closed at 13:00

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