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AFRINIC Policy Update

ebDiscussions in the region are still around management of the last IPv4 /8 block and the possibility of intra and inter RIR IPv4 address transfers. Following are the policy proposals that have been discussed on the rpd mailing list lately:

Internet Number Resources Audit

The proposal enables AFRINIC to conduct regular audits of resource utilization by membersin order to ensure efficient and appropriate use of those resources. This allows recovery of any type of resource where its usage is not in compliance with the Registration Services Agreement. Recovered resources can be reallocated to other members as appropriate.


IPv4 Soft Landing BIS

This proposal seeks to obsolete/replace the current IPv4 Soft Landing policy (for managing the distribution of the last /8). Currently in its third iteration, the proposal brings forward the following key considerations towards how the last /8 should be distributed:

  • During exhaustion phase 1, the maximum allocation size will be /18 (up from /10 in version 1 and /15 in version 2 of the proposal), aligning with feedback from the community as discussed on the mailing list and during AFRINIC24.
  • The maximum allocation shall be /22 in Exhaustion phase 2 (when available space is less than /11)
  • The allocation & assignment period (planning window) shall be 8 months (vs 12).
  • An organization must receive IPv6 space first (or must already be having a v6 prefix) to qualify for Ipv4 space under this policy.
  • A /16 shall be reserved for critical Internet Infrastructure.
  • A /13 shall be reserved for yet unforeseen circumstances.

IPv4 Resource Transfers within the AFRINIC Service Region

This policy is meant to activate from phase 2 of soft-landing, and addresses the issue of an African organization needing IPv4 space after exhaustion of the AFRINIC IPv4 pool - or when AFRINIC can no longer meet the needs of such a requesting organization. The proposal has been generally accepted and is expected to achieve consensus at the next AFRINIC public policy meeting

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