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AFRINIC Membership and Resources Allocation

22336677721 b3740124ef mWe've put together a short overview of  our Membership and our Internet number resource allocation statistics for the first three quarters of 2015.

Internet Number Resources Allocation

AFRINIC's Registration and Member Services team have had a busy year in terms of allocation of Internet resources and processing new membership applications.


Around 8.7 Million IPv4 addresses have been allocated to AFRINIC members over the period January - September 2015. Over the same time-frame in 2014, AFRINIC allocated 9.32 Million IPv4 addresses, a slight drop of 6.6% in IPv4 allocation. 

IPv4 Allocation by Country (January to September 2015).


More information on AFRINIC's IPv4 allocation rates is available is available here


More than 4,390 /32s of IPv6 addresses had been allocated to AFRINIC members as of September 2015 compared to 34 /32s allocated in 2014 for the same period. In 2015, AFRINIC made largest IPv6 allocation since its inception with South Africa receiving a /20 of IPv6 space in January. We have up to now made IPv6 allocations to 50 of the 56 economies (94%) in the region. However, not all of these economies are announcing their IPv6 prefixes and we continue to urge all network operators and governments to deploy IPv6 as soon as possible.

IPv6 Allocation per country (1 January - 30 September 2015) 


More information on IPv6 allocation by AFRINIC is available here.


125 ASNs (109 4-bytes and 16 2-bytes) were assigned as at September 2015, compared to 105 assignments for the same period in 2014 representing a growth of 19% on last year. South Africa has received the most ASN allocations (32) so far in 2015.

More information on ASN allocation by AFRINIC is available here.


111 new members have joined AFRINIC since the beginning of the year (at 30 September 2015). This compares favourably with 102 members for the same period in 2014. At September 2015, 37% of our members have received an IPv6 allocation. 

More information

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