November 2016 News Round up


nov.roundupNovember kept us all busy with the AFRINIC-25 Meeting. Here's a quick wrap up of what we got up to in November.

Monthly Statistics

New members in November: 9

Total new members in 2016: 159

Total members at end November: 1,431

IPv4 address space allocated in November: 108,032/32s

Total IPv4 allocated to date in 2016: 10,699,776 /32s

IPv6 address space allocated in November: 13 (all prefix sizes)

Total IPv6 allocated to date in 2016: 106 (all prefix sizes)

ASNs assigned in November:14

Total ASNs assigned to date in 2016: 158

News and Activities

Training Highlights

Abuja, Nigeria






Rabat, Morocco


AFRINIC-25 Meeting, Mauritius

Blog Highlights

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