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Seed Alliance Nominated for WSIS Prizes 2017: Vote Now!

Screen Shot 2017 04 21 at 17.19.54The Seed Alliance has been nominated for the WSIS Prize 2017 competition. Public voting is now open and we need your vote to help us win! Find more more about how - and why - you should vote in this important competition. 

WSIS Prizes is a unique international contest and serves as the platform for identifying and showcasing the success stories across the WSIS Action Lines. The Winners, together with the Champions, form a key part of the WSIS global and grassroots community. For the 2017 edition, the Seed Alliance has been nominated for its successful work in the ICT for Development field throughout the global south. 


The Seed Alliance is a collaboration between AFRINIC's FIRE Africa, LACNIC's Programa Frida and APNIC's ISIF Asia. Since The Seed Alliance started in 2012, the program partners have supported 151 projects from around 60 economies with over US$ 2.5 Million of funding allocated in Grants and Awards throughout Africa, Asia Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean, helping to strengthen and promote the Information Society within these regions. 

Vote Now 

  • Voting takes place from 30 March to 30 April 2017.
  • Vote here
  • You must sign up to vote. 
  • You may only vote once per email address.
  • The Seed Alliance is placed in Category 18: International and Regional Projects.
  • For your vote to be valid you must vote for one project in each of the 18 categories, so check out some of these other great projects from across Africa that are in some of the other categories: 
    • The NatiV Project, Zimbabwe - a FIRE Africa Grant Winner in 2016.
    • Cyber Caravan
    • Public Internet Access Points
    • Learning Corners, Mauritius

The winners will be announced during the WSIS Forum in June 2017 and the first five most voted projects will be selected to win.

The Seed Alliance

The Seed Alliance is a collaborative partnership between the FIRE Africa, FRIDA and ISIF Asia Grants and Awards programs and the Alliance’s various partners and sponsors. Together with its funding partners, IDRC and Sida, and various regional sponsors, these programs support innovation on Internet development across the global south. The Alliance identifies digital innovations and solutions (software tools, devices, research outcomes according to each regional set of criteria and categories) that make strategic use of Internet technologies in an innovative way. The Alliance offers opportunities to scale-up digital innovations to project teams that support economic growth and social development. It achieves this by offering funding (Grants & Awards), capacity building activities (mentoring and coaching) and networking opportunities.

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