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Progress at AFRINIC-28 as three proposals move to last call












Barry Boubakar from WACREN in a policy discussion at the AFRINIC-28 Public Policy Meeting 

Three out of seven policy proposals that were up for discussion at the AFRINIC-28 Public Policy Meeting in Dakar proceeded to last call.

This was revealed to the AFRINIC community by the Policy Development Co-Chairs Dewole Ajao and Sami Salih who steered the discussions.

The first proposal was the ‘IPv6 Policy and References Update Version 1’ that aimed to provide important updates and make it easier to understand how Local Internet Registries (LIRs) can assign IPv6 addresses to their users.

The second was the ‘IPv6 PI Update’ that seeks to address the realities of IPv4 exhaustion and accommodate the possibility to obtain IPv6 Provider Independent (PI) assignment even if the requesting party has no IPv4 PI space.

The final proposal that proceeded to last call is ‘IPv6 Initial Allocation Update Version 1’ that seeks to ensure alignment of initial and subsequent IPv6 allocation policies. It also aligns itself with the possible allocation of bigger address block.

Please see the table with all the policies that were up for discussion at AFRINIC-28.

The Internet number community discussed seven individual policies with the following outcome.



IPv6 Policy & References Update

AFPUB-2018-V6-001-DRAFT01 |


Last Call

Internet Number Resources Review by AFRINIC

AFPUB-2016-GEN-001-DRAFT06 |


More discussion needed

IPv4 Soft Landing - bis


More discussion needed

Policy Development Process – bis


More discussion needed

Clarification on IPv6 sub-assignments


More discussion needed

IPv6 PI Update

AFPUB-2018-V6-004-DRAFT01 | Slides

Last Call

IPv6 Initial Allocation Update

AFPUB-2018-V6-003-DRAFT01 | Slides 

Last Call


See more of the policy discussion from the minutes published on our website.


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