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Register for the IPv6 Tutorial and Deployathon at SAFNOG-4

Registration is open for the AFRINIC IPv6 Deep-Dive Tutorial for Engineers on 24th September and the IPv6 Deployathon on 25th September during SAFNOG-4 in Dar es Salaam Tanzania.

IPv6 Deployathons are events where AFRINIC provides assistance in prototyping, testing and deploying some IPv6 features within 16 hours.

If you wish to attend the IPv6 Deep-Dive Tutorial and IPv6 Deployathon in Dar es Salaam, please register here: http://bit.ly/safnog-4-IPV6workshop-registration

For those who cannot make it to Dar es Salaam but need free guidance on their IPv6 project, please make a request through our IPv6 Deployment help desk athttps://vox.afrinic.net/343185?lang=en (English) or https://vox.afrinic.net/343185?lang=fr (French).

Those who register and get an invite to our webinar https://vox.afrinic.net/281636?lang=en will get priority access to the AFRINIC IPv6 deployment help desk.

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