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Insight into Registration and Membership Statistics 2018

The allocation statistics for our membership and Internet number resources are trending upwards as we gear through the last quarter of this season.

Since inception AFRINIC has allocated more than 112 million IPv4 addresses and issued a total of 9,239 /32s IPv6 prefixes with the impending IPv4 exhaustion we are left with 7.3 million IPv4 addresses. AFRINIC also issued a total of 1709 ASNs since inception.

AFRINIC allocated 3.4 million /48 IPv6 addresses to its members since the beginning of the year additionally to over 5.9 million IPv4 addresses and 127 ASNs. Interestingly this is lower than last year for the same period that was around 7 million. This trend however was expected considering that the soft landing policy is in force.

AFRINIC welcomed 123 new members and is now slowing approaching its annual target of 160.

42% of our new membership has come from South Africa. Our global membership portfolio states a total of 1634 members with 28% membership from South Africa, followed by Nigeria 10% and Kenya 6%.

AFRINIC’s service satisfaction survey revealed some promising statistics for our Customer Services Department. 71 % of the service requesters are satisfied with our speed of response while 74% appreciated our professionalism. Furthermore 66% of the same respondents find our staff accurate and 69% of them like our friendliness and 67% assess us caring and attentive. 

AFRINIC’s member contact accuracy levels up to 91%, as of end of September, with correct admin contact updated for 1489 members out of 1634.

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