Checks at AFRINIC reveal 40,000 Domain objects with Lame Delegation Record


Around 40,000 domain objects have been identified with lame delegation record in the AFRINIC database. However current record in October shows the number has slumped to 25,000 after checks have been carried out and members notified. This follows the implementation of the "Lame Delegations in the AFRINIC reverse DNS" policy.

The policy "Lame delegations in AFRINIC reverse DNS" <> was ratified on 21 March 2018.

The policy ensures that lame delegations appearing in the reverse DNS are acted upon by equipping the WHOIS with automatic checks, notifications to admin-c, tech-c and zone-c contacts of domain objects and removal of lame delegations after 30 days.

On day 1 of every month, a fresh scan of WHOIS domain objects is performed and checks made for lame delegations. During the next 30 days, multiple lameness checks are performed. Up to 4 notifications are sent to admin-c, tech-c and zone-c contacts of domain objects with lame delegations as long as the lame delegations are detected, allowing them to act upon them. 

AFRINIC has published a manual for members to act on the lame delegations. At the end of the 30-day period, remaining lame delegations are automatically removed from the WHOIS. Read the Manual here:

These features have been deployed in the WHOIS.