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The WIDER Platform Explained

WIDER short for World InternetData ExploreR is a collaborative data-driven web portal that provides information for analysing data such as Internet access, infrastructure, market share and performance.


WIDER consists of many interesting features and uses datasets from APNIC Labs for IPv6 penetration and market share, in addition to country population data from the World Bank and AS classification data from CAIDA – Center for Applied Internet Data and Analysis.

WIDER intends to become a data repository of various open internet datasets from various data measurement platforms. WIDER is also bestowed with the capacity to visualize data from bespoke measurements campaign coming from the academic community displaying longitudinal graphs showing trends of IPv6 uptake, and within the context of IPv4 depletion, decreases in allocation of IPv4 address blocks.

AFRINIC was invited to present the online platform at AfPIF 2018. WIDER is a joint project by AFRINIC, ISOC-ZA and VANILLA. 

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