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Having trouble with IPv6 Projects? Engage us on AFRINIC’s Helpdesk

AFRINIC’s IPv6 deployment helpdesk offers free guidance on IPv6 projects.

Any organisation is welcome to make a request for support, share relevant experience and challenges while deploying IPv6 through the helpdesk. Follow this link: https://vox.afrinic.net/343185?lang=en (for English) or https://vox.afrinic.net/343185?lang=fr (for French).

This initiative is part of AFRINIC’s IPv6 Deployment Support Program that provides continuous support to IPv6 Training provided to Network Engineers and Managers. We extend an invitation to IPv6 task forces to share their IPv6 experiences.

A series of webinars addressing specific IPv6 deployment issues and recurrent themes that come up during AFRINIC’s helpdesk sessions are organised on a regular basis.

We look forward to receive your application.

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