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Apply for ICANN Leadership Positions

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) Nominating Committee (NomCom) invites interested individuals to submit an application and/or recommend candidates in key leadership positions within ICANN and Public Technical Identifiers (PTI). 

ICANN NomCom is inviting applications and recommendations for the following positions:

- Three members of the ICANN Board of Directors.
- One member of the PTI Board of Directors.
- Three regional representatives to the At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) – one from the Asia, Australia, and Pacific Islands region, one from the Latin America and Caribbean Islands region, one from the Africa region.
- Two members of the Generic Names Supporting Organization (GNSO) Council.
- One member of the Country Code Names Supporting Organization (ccNSO) Council.

The deadline to submit your application is 22 March 2019 at 23:59 Universal Coordinated Time UTC.

More information on applications submission at: https://www.icann.org/nomcom2019

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