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AFRINIC Calls for Hosts for its 2020 deployathons

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Participants at our deployathon session held in Malawi last year.

Are you interested in hosting an IPv6 deployathon? We are seeking potential partners who are willing to host our IPv6 deployathons. These are four-day face-to-face workshops conducted by our well-established trainers. They provide hands-on knowledge on deploying IPv6 on networks.

We have launched the world’s first Deployathon in our attempt to support operators beyond conventional training sessions. This new paradigm focuses on IPv6 deployment support and increasing e-learning capability.

In 2019, our team conducted five IPv6 deployathons in Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria and South Africa. Eighty-three participants took part in the workshops. We helped engineers from 55 network operators to advance their IPv6 deployments during our highly rated deployathons. In addition, 1,196 professionals participated in webinars. Our IPv6 helpdesk attended to 66 requests in its second year of operation. These initiatives would not have been possible without the support of local hosting partners.

Below is some feedback from our deployathon sessions:

"It's really nice to have small actionable steps to work on. I got my IPv6 allocation sorted. And it was generally really pleasant to chat to everyone."

"I was able to establish BGP peer with my Institution Upstream provider, to discover what I need to know to implement IPv6 on my network. This was fantastic!"

Read more on AFRINIC's e-learning at: https://elearning.afrinic.net/

You only have a few weeks left to submit your proposal at https://learn.afrinic.net/deployathon

The deadline is 29 March 2020.

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