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RPKI Repository Delta Protocol Deployed

AFRINIC has announced that its RPKI now supports the RPKI Repository Delta Protocol (RFC 8182).

RRDP is an alternative repository access protocol to the existing RSYNC repository. With RRDP, an additional SIA entry that points to an Update Notification file has been included in the RPKI Certificates, manifests and ROA files. While RRDP has been designed to eventually replace RSYNC, it will, for the time being, co-exist with the latter until there is a full phase-out.

RPKI Certificate Authorities use a Repository server to publish their RPKI products, such as certificates, manifest and CRL files and RPKI-signed objects. So far, RPKI Repositories could be accessed using the RSYNC protocol only. However, the protocol has proved to be operationally unfit for a number of reasons.

Read more about this new feature at https://www.afrinic.net/blog/495-rpki-delta-protocol-rrdp-as-a-future-replacement-of-rsync-in-rpki


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