Save the date - Webinar: Anchoring the African Internet Ecosystem - 23-06-2020 at 1300 UTC

Over the past eight years, as a result of a strong peering ecosystem enabled by IXPs in Kenya and Nigeria, the ratio of localized traffic roughly flipped from 30 % local / 70% international in 2012 to 70% local / 30% international today. 
This achievement significantly fulfills the Internet Society and African Internet community’s joint goal for 80% of Africa’s Internet traffic to be locally accessible by 2020 (“80/20 by 2020”).
Join us online on 23 June 2020 at 1300 UTC as we unveil a new report "Anchoring the African Internet Ecosystem – Lessons from Kenya and Nigeria’s Internet Exchange Point Growth
and discuss with some of the people, representing the key players, that made it a success.  
The report highlights the changes observed in the Internet Ecosystem in Nigeria and Kenya since 2012. It also provides insights, for stakeholders in other countries, to help strengthen their IXPs and benefit from its economic advantages through fostering community mobilization, collaboration and capacity building while setting a discussion platform for new vision beyond 2020. 
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