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February 2016 News Round up

Here is an overview of news, activities and and events from last month in case you missed something:

  • 02 February: After several AFRINIC members reporting receiving emails bearing the AFRINIC logo and soliciting the sale or lease of IPv4 address blocks, we reminded the community that the use of this logo was not authorised and that the current policy does not allow for sale or trade of IPv4 address space. 

  • 10 February: The call for volunteers for the 2016 NomCom was issued. 

  • 11 February: We opened the call for presentations for the upcoming Africa Internet Summit 2016 (AIS'16).

  • 24 February: The list of countries selected to host the AFRINIC IPv6 and Internet Number Resource Management Workshops in 2016 was published

  • 25 February: The selected members of the NomCom 2016 was announced. 

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