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The Mauritius IGF 2019 has just ended. Hosted by Halley Movement, the event, sponsored by among others AFRINIC, brought together top Mauritius government officials, law enforcement agents and representatives from the African Union (AU). The event had five sessions:

  1. Setting the pace to combatting online child sexual exploitation in Africa
  2. Cybersecurity Strategies
  3. Artificial Intelligence, fake news: A need for concern
  4. Parental awareness on child online protection
  5. Technological initiatives and Internet governance

AFRINIC staff participated at the just concluded AFPIF-10 Conference held in Mauritius. The event was attended by more than 350 people from across the world. AFRINIC was a sponsor of the event.

AFRINIC offered various speakers, namely Logan Velvindron, Amreesh Phokeer and Keesun Fokeerah. During his presentation, Logan told delegates that IETF work is underway on Explicit Congestion Control. This has gained traction after Apple enabled ECN on its products and their CDN network. Logan went through the ECN and the new extensions and highlighted reasons why operators in Africa should get involved. Logan also explained the works of cyberstorm.mu, and the contribution of the group to IETF hackathons.

The AFRINIC team invites you to participate in another exciting webinar on ‘'How to create an IPv6 deployment project''. During the webinar, we will provide guidelines to help you develop a clear and concise deployment plan.

The objectives of the webinar:

  - Articulate the IPv6 deployment project business plan
  - Identify stakeholders necessary for a successful deployment
  - Take you through the project route, from the beginning to the end

  Date: 29 August 2019.

  Time: 16:30 MUT (UTC + 4)

Registration: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/1215568724986/WN_xoGRHo8GQQW=JvmyvzRs8bw

We look forward to your participation.

AFRINIC is a proud sponsor of the Mauritius IGF 2019 scheduled for Monday, 26 August 2019 at the Hennessy Park Hotel in Ebene, Mauritius.

Mr Abiade Dosunmu will represent AFRINIC at the event. He will make a presentation on 'Fake news and how to fight it' in a panel discussion on Artificial Intelligence, fake news: A need for concern. The session will also include presentations on ‘Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet’, and ‘AI and people with disabilities’.

The Mauritius IGF 2019 is hosted by Halley Movement.

AFRINIC is the Gold Sponsor of the AfPIF 2019 meeting taking place in Mauritius from 20 to 22 August 2019. We will have a dedicated booth for members at the event and will also be participating in the AfPIF programme.

Logan Velvindron from AFRINIC will be making a presentation titled ‘Re-examining Congestion Control’ on Wednesday 21 August at 7.30 UTC. Amreesh Phokeer and Keesun Fokeerah will be conducting tutorials on Internet Routing Registry and RPKI.

AFRINIC will also support and participate in the Formation des Formateurs de la gouvernance de l’Internet 2019 (FFCG Conference) in Burkina Faso on 26-30 August 2019. Arthur Cardinal will be speaking about AFRINIC’s key activities and projects at the meeting.

AFRINIC is also participating in SAFNOG-5 being held in Johannesburg, South Africa, on 26-27 August 2019. In addition to giving policy updates, James Chimwa from our Member Services Department will be making a presentation on AFRINIC's Numbering Services.

AFRINIC staff will also conduct consultations during the SAFNOG-5 with the AFRINIC Resource Members on site for organisations planning to get Internet number resources from AFRINIC. The consultations are private and confidential face-to-face interactions between contacts of resource members and AFRINIC staff to discuss issues and respond to any queries or challenges on:

  • IP Number resources (IPv4, IPv6, ASN)
  • BPKI enrolment and RPKI ROA creation
  • Routing Registry
  • Reverse DNS/Lame Delegations
  • Invoicing and Membership fees
  • Any other topic related to IP number resources. For those interested in discussing and resolving any issues related to the topics above, our staff will be at hand to help. Please book your consultation slot by registering at: https://safnog-mt.nix.cz/login
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