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The allocation statistics for our membership and Internet number resources are trending upwards as we gear through the last quarter of this season.

Since inception AFRINIC has allocated more than 112 million IPv4 addresses and issued a total of 9,239 /32s IPv6 prefixes with the impending IPv4 exhaustion we are left with 7.3 million IPv4 addresses. AFRINIC also issued a total of 1709 ASNs since inception.









The FIRE Awards Winner 2018 has been announced. The project C.L.E (Cours en Ligne à l'Ecole) from Senegal has been awarded the prize in the category ‘’Internet for Social Inclusion and democratization of access and the use of ICT.’’

The project focuses on setting up a distance learning system. This device set up by the Association of Support to Science and ICT (AASTIC) is intended for teaching and learning activities in the context of online tutoring for middle-secondary.

The FIRE Awards recipient will be receiving a $3000 cash prize and will have flight and accommodation costs covered for the IGF meeting hosted by the Government of France at the headquarters of UNESCO in Paris from 12 to 14 November 2018.

The FIRE Awards program 2018 received 14 applications from 9 countries in Africa.

The program seeks project proposals that have a technological component through which they solve development issues and strengthen communities by bringing innovative solutions.

Congratulations to the winner.














WACREN 2018 Opening Ceremony 

AFRINIC was represented at several events this year. 


APRICOT 2018 took place in Kathmandu Nepal from 19-28 February. AFRINIC participated at the Registration Services Coordination Group (RSCG) meeting where registration services members from the RIRs discussed on general RIR Registration services affairs such as WHOIS data accuracy and Identifier Technology Health Indicators at APRICOT 2018.

IANA Numbering Services Review Committee has released a 2017 Numbering services report. The report, which covers April-December 2017, indicates that the performance of the IANA Number Services Operations was within the Service Level Agreement and met the needs of Internet number community. The Review Committee’s evaluations observed that two IPv4 requests and two ASN requests were made and fulfilled accurately between March 2017 and December 2017. The Committee also reported that there was sufficient community outreach and community involvement in the review of the performance of the IANA Numbering Services during the period. The Review Committee was established in October 2016 to advise the RIRs on the IANA Functions Operator’s performance and adherence to identified service levels upon completion of the IANA Stewardship Transition process. The Review Committee must submit such a report to the NRO EC at least once every calendar year. The committee comprises representatives from all five RIR regions. AFRINIC’s representatives to the committee are Omo Oaiya, Noah Maina and Madhvi Gokool.

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