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alan barrettThe ICANN 54 meeting in Dublin, Ireland, concluded a few days ago.  During this meeting, much progress was made on the IANA stewardship transition proposal.

The IANA Stewardship Transition Coordination Group (ICG) reached agreement on the essence of the proposal that they intend to forward to the NTIA (via the ICANN Board). Some light copy editing remains to be done, and then the final text is expected to be approved by the ICG this week.  The ICG’s proposal incorporates proposals from the three operational communities: Names (proposal prepared by the ICANN CWG-Stewardship group), Numbers (proposal prepared by the CRISP Team established by the RIRs), and Protocol Parameters (proposal prepared by the IETF ianaplan working group).  The Names part of the proposal depends on accountability changes from the ICANN CCWG-Accountability group, which have not been completed.

22335357361 ed1413a228 mOn 24 September 2015, ARIN issued the final IPv4 addresses in its free pool, leaving AFRINIC as the only RIR with an as-yet unrestricted pool of IPv4 address space from which to allocate to its members. APNIC – the RIR for the Asia Pacific Region - was the first RIR to exhaust its supply of IPv4 address space back in 2011 and the RIPE NCC (Europe, the Middle East and parts of Central Asia) followed quickly in 2012. LACNIC (Latin America and the Caribbean) reached its exhaustion trigger level in June 2014.

15887207241 0687bf7056 mThe AFRINIC-23 Meeting is just a few weeks away. The Programme Committee and AFRINIC staff are hard at work preparing for our week-long conference that will take place in Pointe-Noire, Republic of Congo, from 28 November - 4 December 2015. We opened our call for presentations on 25 September, with a deadline of 24 October 2015. So you have a few more days to submit your proposal. We're seeking speakers from all regions to deliver presentations on the following topics in either French or English:

16298323096 303499281b mThe following ISC press release highlights AFRINIC’s Research & Development Support Engineer Loganaden (Logan) Velvindron’s work on open source software. 

BIND 9.10.1 Includes Capability for SECCOMP

"Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) recently released BIND 9.10.1, which includes the ability to use the SECCOMP feature for kernel sandboxing if their OS kernel supports it. This allows system administrators to run BIND in an isolated compartment, or "sandbox". Sandboxing an application ensures that if it should be somehow compromised, it cannot access other parts of the computer to compromise them..."

Read the full press release here.

By: Amreesh Phokeer
Contributors: Alain Aina and Loganaden Velvindron

During the AIS'15 Meeting in Tunis, AFRINIC was invited to speak on anti-spam measures from AFRINIC's perspective. With the objective of  sensitising the AFRINIC community on spam, Amreesh Phokeer from  AFRINIC's Research and Innovation team wrote this article which also critically analyses existing anti-spam mechanisms and their utilisation.


The concept of 'spam' on the Internet is known to virtually every Internet user. The fight against spam is a worldwide issue. Spam has a broad negative effect on the Internet causing technical and operational problems to network operators and users. It is a nuisance and is also regularly used in criminal activities such as phishing and other fraud.

While the issue of spam is multidimensional and needs be tackled at different levels, AFRINIC plays an important role as a provider of information on Internet number resources. AFRINIC itself is not mandated to fight spam but it maintains a registry that is of paramount importance for traceability of Internet Number Resources ownership information.

This paper specifically deals with the different policies and technical frameworks at AFRINIC, that are basically part of the RIR toolkit for Internet Number Resources Management, but which are important in the fight against spam.

The statistics however shows that those mechanisms, whether policy-related or technical, are mostly under-utilised. 

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