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A recent AFRINIC cleanup exercise on the quarantined resources for the returned or reclaimed IPv4 address space has made available more number resources. Following this exercise, 618,496 IPv4 addresses, 15 /32 IPv6 prefixes and 80 AS Numbers (ASN) were released into the available pool. As a procedure, AFRINIC deletes all related objects from the AFRINIC whois database for the returned or reclaimed IPv4 address space and keep it in quarantine for twelve months or as long as the space is globally routed.










Internet policymakers have been urged to identify ways of facilitating local markets for content hosting, access and distribution.

While making a presentation at a panel discussion at the Africa Internet Summit 2018, Dr Josiah Chavula through a study on Latency and content hosting revealed how bulk of Africa’s content news was hosted outside the continent.

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Registration for the AFRINIC-29 Meeting is open and we would like to extend a warm invitation to all of you.

Now on its twenty-ninth edition, the AFRINIC Meeting is a multi-stakeholder ICT conference which brings together Africa's ICT technical and business community to discuss regional and global ICT issues and challenges. The Meeting consists of workshops, tutorials, conference sessions and social events.

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