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AFRINIC announced the AFRINIC-30 fellowship winners and the following applicants have been selected to receive a fellowship to attend AFRINIC-30 being held from 9 June to 21 June 2019 in Kampala, Uganda. 

Nandini Tanya Lallmon - Mauritius
Mbara Nkoussou - Republic of the Congo
Yazid Akanho - Benin
N’cho Eva Nadège - Côte d'Ivoire
Arnaud Gahimbare - Tanzania
Mesfin Asfha Abadi - Eritrea
Hellen Kariuki - Kenya
Mohammed Bakheet - Sudan
Lamiaa Chnayti - Morocco
Norman Ncube - Zimbabwe
Oleva Chipendo - Malawi
Afi Edoh -Togo

Congratulations to all the fellows and we look forward to collaborating with you on Internet development initiatives in the African region.

We take this opportunity to thank the AFRINIC-30 Fellowship Programme selection committee who have selected the winners from the applications received.  

Abiade Joel AFRINIC staff
Avinash Bajnath AFRINIC staff
Brice Abba AFRINIC staff
Emma Perrier AFRINIC staff
Afi Edoh AFRINIC former fellow 
Joshua Musasizi AFRINIC former fellow
Koumi Abel AFRINIC former fellow
Ogundele O. Caleb AFRINIC former fellow
Souad ABIDI AFRINIC former fellow
Uffa Modey AFRINIC former fellow
Daniel Nanghaka AFRINIC former fellow


AFRINIC is offering fellowships for the AFRINIC-30 meeting to be held in Kampala, Uganda from 15 June to 21 June 2019. The fellowship is reserved for individuals representing small organisations, universities, and media who are actively involved in Internet operations and development or ICT policies in their countries. The fellow is expected to positively and actively contribute to IP address management awareness in the AFRINIC service region.  To qualify for the fellowship, you:

AFRINIC has organised two academic workshops at AFRICOMM in 2017 and 2018 with the main objective of initiating and accelerating collaboration among internet researchers in Africa. The aim is to facilitate discussions around the evolution of Africa’s Internet landscape and to formulate strategic directions for Internet research in the continent. Through this initiative, we also aim at establishing a good understanding of the breadth of research about Africa’s Internet conducted by both regional and international research/academic institutions. 

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