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Internet is fundamental to our society as it provides important services ranging from safety and security services to entertainment. Internet was not designed originally to carry application data without time constraint and unlimited user interactions, as Internet performance is usually bound, inter alia, by physical factors such as distance, medium of transmission and link congestion. However, most of the applications used on the Internet today are delay-sensitive (for e.g. live streaming or online gaming). Having timely content delivery is therefore critical. However, as shown by the measurement performed from our study, all countries or regions are not equal from the Internet access and performance point of view.

AFRINIC has concluded its recent four-day Internet Number Resources Management (INRM) Fundamentals & Understanding and Deploying IPv6 Workshop in Burundi.

Twenty-six engineers attended the workshop, which was held at the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF).

We'd like to extend our appreciation to AUF for hosting this event.

key 256The Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) is a framework for certifying the holdership of Internet resources (IPv4, IPv6 and ASN). It uses an extended version of the X.509 standards to create and validate certificates containing resource holdership information. RPKI follows the allocation hierarchy from IANA to RIRs, from RIRs to LIRs and from LIRs to end-users. As such, the RPKI is an important component for interdomain routing security by enabling origin validation through cryptographically signed objects called ROAs (Route Origin Authorization). Basically, a ROA is a signed assertion by a prefix holder, authorising a specific AS number to advertise the prefix or a subset of it. The ROAs are then made public and validated by third parties and the validation results can be used to produce BGP filters to accept or deny ingress route announcements. Validation works by walking up the chain of trust, validating each certificate along the path up to the trust anchor (TA).

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