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AFRINIC is participating in a panel discussion on the evolution of Internet Governance in Africa during the celebration of 20 years of Internet Governance in Africa, in Benin Cotonou. The anniversary will be marked by a day-long event themed “An Efficient Governance of Internet in the Service of Africa Development.

We're celebrating the sixth anniversary of World IPv6 Launch today! 

In an interconnected world of devices, the Internet of things will enable us to discover that opportunities are limitless and IPv6 is the only foreseeable solution to this future. IPv4 resources globally and in the AFRINIC region are quickly dwindling and since we cannot predict how long our supplies will last, the message is now clear for Africa: IPv6 deployment cannot wait. AFRINIC has allocated over 9200 IPv6 prefixes since its inception, about 45% of AFRINIC members have some IPv6 space and about 20% of networks  (ASes) in Africa are announcing an IPv6 prefix. If you have not deployed IPv6 on your networks, we encourage you to deploy IPv6 now.

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