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What is DNSFlagDay ?

The current DNS use a lot of workaround that cause slowness and inefficiency. On the 1st of February 2019, major DNS software providers (ISC BIND, PowerDNS, NSD) have committed to release a new version which removes workarounds for broken DNS infrastructure. 

Internet use in Africa has recorded tremendous growth since the turn of the century with the penetration rate of 35.2% at the beginning of 2018 against the rest of the world’s average of 58.4%. According to Cisco, the leading global company in the supply of networking equipment, Africa is one of the two regions – the other being middle-east – with the fastest growth in Internet traffic in the world and this is set to continue over the next half-decade. The increase in traffic across the continent is largely due to the widespread use of smartphones and the gradual migration of day-to-day services to online platforms. As smartphone use becomes ubiquitous, there is increased access to videos online, significant growth in average traffic per device, an increase in bandwidth-hungry applications, as well as the impact of 4G connections.


Become a delivery partner for AFRINIC’s Certi:6 examinations. This exam attests and formally certifies that a candidate has technical knowledge and competence in the major domains of IPv6 networking. It presupposes deeper technical knowledge, skills, and abilities in IPv4 networking practices and will validate all the major aspects and domains of knowledge and practice in IPv6.

As our partner, your organization will be responsible for conducting the AFRINIC Examinations targeting Network Engineers around the African region.  As such, you will be recognized as an AFRINIC Partner and you will reap the benefits associated to the course and in return:

  • Help engineers earn globally recognized IPv6 certification
  • Offer discounted IPv6 certification
  • Increase the value of your Internet event (training, conference, seminar) by offering onsite IPv6 certification
  • Generate revenue for your organization to help with your capacity building initiatives.

Delivery Partners are not limited to but may fall under the following types of organizations, including;

  • IT Training academies
  • Training Units of ccTLD authorities
  • IT Regulators
  • Network Operator Groups (NOGs)
  • IT event organizers
  • Higher Educational Institutions

As a pre-requisite, your organization should be able to provide for a distraction-free room.

If you are interested in becoming our delivery partner, please fill in and submit the MoU Template which can be download from the AFRINIC Certi:6 Website: https://certi6.io/en/

We look forward to our future collaboration. 

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