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AFRINIC Member Outreach

Meet the AFRINIC team at AfPIF 2017, Stand 14, Azalaï Hotel in Abidjan.

AFRINIC, as part of its outreach activities, will be in Abidjan to meet its members from 22 to 24 August 2017.

An AFRINIC team will be on hand to assist with any related queries on membership and IP resources as well as providing information on:

  • AFRINIC’s Mission
  • Policy Development Process
  • Policy under discussion
  • Path to IPv4 Exhaustion: Should we be concerned?
  • How members can engage with AFRINIC.
  • The status of IPv6 Adoption
  • DNSSEC and Resource Certification
  • AFRINIC Services & Tools (Whois, MyAFRINIC, etc.)
  • Membership fees and invoices
  • AFRINIC-27 to be held in Lagos, Nigeria from 27th November to 1st December


 Alan Barrett
Madhvi Gokool
Registration Services Manager
Alan Barrett
Alan Barrett

Chief Executive Officer
VymalaAvinash Bajnath
Revenue Accountant
JosiahJosiah Chavula
Research Engineer
Felix OtiatoFelix Otiato
Head of Communications & PR
James ChirwaJames Chirwa
IP Number Analyst