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Online Voting

Online voting - Overview


Online voting is only available to AFRINIC Members.


By default, AFRINIC Organisation's Registered Contacts are the only ones who can vote. However, the Organisation Contact may assign the voting rights to other authorised contacts to vote on their behalf according to Section 12.12 of AFRINIC Bylaws. See the Proxy appointment process for more details.

Online voting is only accessible via MyAFRINIC. The voting section in MyAFRINIC is only visible while the online voting is open. Online voting in AFRINIC Board elections opens approximately two weeks and closes the day before the on-site election is held at the AGMM

An online vote cannot be withdrawn after it has been submitted. AFRINIC takes no responsibility for online votes submitted by users who are no longer authorized by the AFRINIC Member organisation.

For audit purposes, AFRINIC records the Member and user name of the submitted vote, the time, and the IP address of the voter (All the contacts of a given organisation will receive a mail after a vote is casted with all these information as well). The specific choice exercised by the voter is NOT kept with the ballot record.


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