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Online Voting




This page gives a brief description of the online voting system. The system is currently up on MyAFRINIC. However, the page content, i.e. instructions and confirmation messages have not yet been included. This will cover:

  • Basic navigation
  • Proxy generation via the MyAFRINIC interface.
  • Voting online via the MyAFRINIC interface


Currently, all contacts can access the Elections tab.


The 'Elections' menu has two links:

  • 'Information': This will display information about the election.
  • 'Access Election Center: This sends the user to a page where he/she will be able to select whether he/she wants to generate a proxy or vote online.

At the back

NB.  When the user selects the 'Access Election Center' link, they are presented with the Choice Page. On the 'Choice' page, there are two options: 'Generate a Proxy', and 'Vote Online'. If a member already has a proxy, he/she is redirected to the page that shows the proxy names and organizations. If they choose 'Vote Online', then they are redirected to the 'Vote Online' section where they can cast their vote.

Please Note: You cannot access the 'Elections' page if you are in arrears. You need to clear any balance due before you can vote.




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