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Appoint proxy


Selecting the ‘Appoint Proxy’ option will redirect the user to a form where he/she will have to specify the name of the proxies.  You are presented with the option of appointing a ‘Main Proxy’ and an ‘Alternate Proxy’.

voting prxy img3

According to Articles 12.12.(Viii) and 12.12.(iX) of the AFRINIC Bylaws, a person cannot hold more than five (5) proxies during an election.  To enforce this clause, you will be requested for the passport number (or ID) of the person that you would like to assign as a proxy while completing the proxy appointment form.  As per Articles 12.12.(iX), no candidate to the election of Director shall act as a proxy for any member during such an election.

However, the above is not applicable to voting on resolutions.

As a result, a member who wishes to appoint a proxy to vote on his behalf for any campaign other than a Board Election will be redirected to a different form.  He/she will be presented with the option of appointing the same person as a proxy, if desired, for all available campaigns.  

voting prxy img4 0

Upon submission of the form, the names of the person(s) appointed will be updated in the database and displayed as shown below:

voting prxy img4

At this point, the user can download the proxy form by clicking on the ‘Download proxy’ link.  The form will subsequently have to be signed and handed over to the person appointed.


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