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Online Voting


Vote cast verification (after casting)


After you cast your ballot, the only means available to check your vote is to use your encrypted vote to validate against your fingerprint; your fingerprint is the base-64-string-encoded SHA256 of the vote data structure serialized as JSON.

Note that your vote is stored in an encrypted form in the database, which means that nobody, not even the administrators can see the content of your vote. Tampering with an encrypted vote will simply invalidate it.

  1. Click on the election url that you received in your email.

  2. Click on « voters & ballots »
  3. Click on « view » next to your name and fingerprint
  4. Click on « details » to see the complete content of your encrypted vote as it is in the helios database. Copy this data structure into a file.
  5. Download the verification script here
  6. Run the following command "python
    where is the path of the file you created in Step 3.
    The output should be the same as the fingerprint you received by mail when your vote was cast.
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