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ASWG - Terms of Reference


2. Objectives

2.1. Develop a strategic plan for ICANN activities in Africa addressing the needs for presence in Africa, African participation and representation in ICANN.


2.2. Determine how best to reach out to governments, private sector, civil society, academia and others from Africa for increased participation of Africans in ICANN. Governments have a significant influence in Internet development in Africa.


2.3. Identify education and technology needs of the region that ICANN may be able to assist with.


2.4. Formulate an ICANN regionalization program to Africa and why, when and how to accomplish it.


2.5. Develop a clear 3 year strategy and a concrete plan for the first 12 months – with clearly stated objectives, timelines, roles/responsibilities, governance, and metrics by which we can measure success


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