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ASWG - Terms of Reference


8. Methodology & process

8.1. Review ICANN strategic plan to identify core elements in order to pin point the elements that address developing country needs. Any deficiencies or enhancers will be examined looking to extract strategic priorities


8.2. Consult Africans in the different constituencies on their perceived needs, prioritize the needs and evaluate the resource requirements of the needs. This will assist in developing a catalog of needs and opportunities that can be pursued


8.3. Consult Africans on perceived benefits to ICANN and rank them based on potential impact. This will produce a catalog of benefits to be explored by ICANN


8.4. Analyze needs and benefits; relate the needs and benefits to develop a SWOT for ICANN in Africa


8.5. Consult ICANN on needs and benefits with a view to extract goals and objectives in interest of ICANN


8.6. Develop strategic options for consideration by ICANN


8.7. Evaluate impact assessment of options and rank these into what may be accomplished in first year action plan and what fits into a 3 year strategy


8.8. Develop recommendations to ICANN


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