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Consolidated Policy Manual

Current Version: 1.0

The CPM (Consolidated Policy Manual) is the reference document containing policies for managing and distribution of IP number resources in the AFRINIC service region. The policies are created through a bottom-up Policy Development Process (PDP) of consultation, discussion and consensus through which policy proposals are submitted, debated (by the community) and adopted (by AFRINIC). All ratified and implemented policies that have gone through the PDP are in integrated into the CPM.


[Table of Contents]

1.0 Introduction

2.0 General Definitions

3.0 The Policy Development Process (PDP)

3.1 Scope of the PDP

3.2 Policy Development Principles

3.3 Policy Development Working Group (PDWG)

3.4 Policy Development Process

3.5 Conflict Resolution

3.6 Varying the Process

4.0 Hierarchy of number resource distribution

5.0 IPv4

5.1 IPv4 Address Space

5.2 Goals of the Internet Registry System

5.3 Registration Requirements

5.4 Soft Landing

5.5 IPv4 LIR/ISP Allocations

5.6 IPv4 End-User (PI) Assignments

6.0 IPv6

6.1 Utilisation

6.2 HD-Ratio

6.3 Goals of IPv6 address space management

6.4 IPv6 Policy Principles

6.5 Policies for allocations and assignments

6.6 Assignments for Internet Experiments

6.7 HD-Ratio (HD) and Utilisation Threshold (T)

6.8 PI Assignments

7.0 ASN 

7.1 Introduction

7.2 Scope

7.3 Definitions

7.4 Eligibility for an AS Number assignment

7.5 Assignment Procedures

7.6 Registration Requirements

7.7 Returning unused ASNs

7.8 Miscellaneous

8.0 “Abuse” Contact Information

8.1 Introduction

8.2 Policy details

8.3 Advantages and disadvantages of the policy

9.0 Temporary Resource Allocation & Assignment

9.1 Documenting the temporary activity

9.2 Assignments of IP resources

9.3 Administrative fees

10.0 Reverse delegation

10.1 Introduction

10.2 Obtaining Delegation of an sub-zone 

10.3 Reverse Delegation for Provider Aggregatable (PA) Address Space 

10.4 Reverse Delegation for Provider Independent (PI) Address Space

10.5 Validity of the Reverse Delegation

10.6 IPv6 Reverse Delegation

11.0 Resource Reservations for Internet Exchange Points

12.0 Anycast Resource Assignments


CPM Revision History




01 Oct 2014

Initial Draft

First Draft of the CPM

23 Jul 2016


Revised to include implemented policies since initial draft


PDF Version | View Entire Document | Version History

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