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Policy Development Working Group


The Policy Development Working Group (PDWG) develops and discusses number resource policy proposals that AFRINIC implements towards distributing IPv4, IPv6 and ASN resources in Africa.


The PDWG is composed of anyone who either in person or through the Internet, participates in discussing policy proposals through the resources policy development (RPD) mailing list or at a public policy meeting (PPM).


PDWG Administration

sun sami


The PDWG has two chairs who are responsible for carrying the administrative functions of the group. They are chosen by the community during public policy meetings and server staggered two year terms.


Roles and Responsibilities of the PDWG Chairs

  • Determining whether there is consensus during open policy discussions.
  • Publishing minutes of the proceedings of public policy meetings.
  • Initiation and termination of final review of proposals (Last Call).
  • Sending a report of the outcomes of policy discussions at public policy meetings to the Board of Directors.
Seun Ojedeji

June 2015 – June 2017
Sami Salih

Dec 2015 – June 2016


Policy Cordinator/Liaison

AFRINIC provides staff that will be the point of contact between the PDWG and AFRINIC, the Secretariat.


The community can contact the PDWG directly by sending emails to policy-submission[at]