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Staff Assessment - IPv4 Address Allocation and Assignment

Analysis and assessment of proposal afpub-2013-v4-002-draft-01 (IPv4 Address Allocation and Assignment) || Date of Assessment: 16-06-2013


How the staff understands the proposal

This proposal updates the current IPv4 allocation and assignment policy (AFPUB-2005-V4-001) with key areas and insights from the experience gained from 2005 since it was implemented.


Staff Comments

The following major changes have been identified in the proposed new version of the IPv4 Allocation policy:

  1. Conservation has been removed as one of the goals of the registry system.
  2. Removed the need for all communication with AFRINIC to be in English.
  3. Removed statement "Requestor must be an AFRINIC member in good standing" from resource eligibility criteria.
  4. Added the resource eligibility criterion "A minimum initial allocation may also be considered if an Internet Service Provider interconnects with other networks at an Internet Exchange Point in the AFRINIC service region which has an open policy. Additional information may be requested to justify the allocation".
  5. Added a recommendation for a maximum allocation limit set to /10.
  6. Removed the following clause defining what constitutes "end-user" and "LIR" IP address assignments: "IP addresses used solely for connecting an end-user to a service provider (e.g., point-to-point links) are considered as part of the service provider's infrastructure. Such addresses should only be registered as part of the service provider's infrastructure. When an end user has a network using public address space, this space must be registered with the contacts of the end-user. If the end-user is an individual rather than an organisation, the space may be registered with the contact information of the service provider but with the end-user referenced in the AFRINIC whois database object."

Staff welcomes updates to the current IPv4 allocation and assignment policy as indeed some of the clauses there are no longer applicable following the years of managing number resources based on that policy.


Legal Aspects

At the moment we do not foresee any legal aspects and if they are envisaged in due course, our legal counsel will advise.


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