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Policy development process

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Policy Development 

Policy Development Process

Submit a Policy Proposal


Number Resource management policies are developed through an open Policy Development Process (PDP). There is no specific requirement to participate in the PDP. Anyone can propose and discuss policy proposals irrespective of geographicallocation,gender and race.


Policy discussions happen mostly on the  resource policy discussion (rpd)   mailing list, which is open to anyone, including all its archives, and at AFRINIC Public Policy Meetings, which take place twice yearly.


Policy Development Principles


Anyone is free to contribute to policy discussions and propose policy.


The process and all discussions are publicly available

Bottom Up

Policies are developed by the community through the PDP that is also developed by the same community. AFRINIC implements what the community has proposed, discussed and attained consensus on.

Upcoming Public Policy Meeting




Please click here to download the policy development process flow chart.  


Understanding the nomenclature of policy proposals


Policy proposals are assigned the following different “status” values in their PDP life cycle until they have been implemented and added to the Consolidated Policy Manual.


Under Discussion

Proposal is open to discussion on the mailing list.


Approvedand ratified by the AFRINIC Board, pending implementation


Withdrawnby author(s).


ID format for New Policy Proposals

Each policy proposal is assigned a unique ID of the format below: 



  • YYYY=year in long format e.g., 2011
  • Category refers to resource or service type affected by the proposal. Valid categories are ASN=AS Numbers, v4=IPv4, v6=IPv6, DNS=all DNS matters, GEN=all others.
  • Number= Serial number within that year starting from 001 for that category of policy documents.
  • nn=Integer that starts with 01 and increases by 1 for every new version of the proposal. 
  • If/when the proposal is implemented, numbering is abandoned as the content as ratified will get inserted into the Policy Manual.



Propose a Policy

Participate in the Policy Development Process

  • Subscribe to the RPD mailing list and join the discussions. Archives of all previous discussions are available here.
  • Propose new policy or a modification to existing policy.
  • Attend a public policy meeting in person or remotely to discuss your proposal and other proposals. Minutes of all previous policy discussions at public policy meetings are available here.

Propose a Policy


Template for Submitting Policy Proposals

Draft Policy Name:

ID: (Assigned by AFRINIC)
Submission Date:
(a) Name
(b) Email address
(c) Affiliation, if applicable


Sections of Policy Manual affected (Insert sections or numbering as appropriate)

Related Policies:
Amends:(Insert section of Policy Manual as appropriate)


1. Summary of the problem being addressed by this proposal
2. Summary of how this proposal addresses the problem
3. Proposal (Please use sub-numbering to make it easy for referencing)
4. Revision History
5. References

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Discussions are taking place on the policy working group mailing list if you want to subscribe to the mailing send your subscription request to rpd-request [at] with 'Subscribe' as subject line

Mailing list archives can be found at