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AFRINIC Internet number resources statistics

In this section you can find statistics for resources in the AFRINIC region as well as links to resources made globally by IANA and other RIRs.

AFRINIC resources
alt Resource search

Interactive tool to find resources allocated in the AFRINIC region over a period of your choice. Option to view data listing in detail, summary or both.
alt AS numbers

Charts on the AS numbers handed out to our members per year and distributed by country.

IPv4 resources
Charts containing allocation, assignment of IPv4 addresses to our members including breakdowns by prefix, prefix length and IPv4 address distribution by country.
Chart showing IPv4 resource usage per /8

alt IPv6 resources
Charts plotting IPv6 Addresses allocated to AFRINIC members and distribution by country.

Country statistics

Charts with Member, AS, IPv4, IPv6 statistical information for each country in the AFRINIC region.


Membership statistics

Charts with statistical information for membership in the AFRINIC region.