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Create Route object on AFRINIC whois database


To begin with go to:

  1. Click on “Create Object”
  2. Select “route” to specify the type of object you want to create.
  3. Click on “Load” to load the route object template.



The route object template will load. Fill in the information that is mandatory, an example is show below:


Refer to the next page for more details on the route object attributes.


Description of Attributes Specific to the Route Object

(1) “route:” – This specifies the IPv4 or IPv6 address prefix of the route. Together with the "origin:" attribute, these constitute a combined primary key of the route object.  The address can only be specified as a prefix(in CIDR notation).

(2) “descr:” - A short description related to the object.

(3) “origin:” - AS Number of the Autonomous System that originates the route into the interAS routing system.  The corresponding aut-num object for this Autonomous System must already exist in the AFRINIC Database.

(4) “mnt-by:” – Specifies the maintainer of your organization to protect the route object. In most cases the “mnt-by” will be same as the “mnt-lower” in the inetnum/inet6num and the “mnt-routes” in the aut-num object. You may identify the mnt-lower/mnt-routes by querying the AFRINIC Whois( with your inetnum/inet6num or ASN.

(5) “changed:” - The email address of the person creating/updating the route object.

(6) “source:”– This is already filled for you.

(7) Password – You will need to specify the password in clear-text of the maintainer specified as the “mnt-by”.

(8) You may add other attributes by ‘drag-n-drop’  into the text area;

(i) “holes:” - These attributes form a list of the component address prefixes that are not reachable through the aggregate route (that part of the address space is possibly unallocated).

(ii) “org:” – the ORG-HDL of the organisation responsible for this resource.

(iii) “member-of:” – This attribute identifies a set object that this route object wants to be a member of.

(iv) “aggr-mtd:” – This attribute specifies how the aggregate is generated.

(9) Click on “Create” when you have filled in all the mandatory attributes and provided the maintainer password.


Note: You may hover your cursor on the attributes in the right-pane to get more details and information on the syntax to be used.



Special Cases

There are certain cases in which you will not be able to create routes objects:

Case 1: AS numbers not existing in the AFRINIC’s database and belonging to a third party

In this case, please contact AFRINIC via e-mail to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Case 2: AS numbers existing in the AFRINIC’s database and belonging to a third party.

In this case, it will be better to ask the organisation who has been assigned the ASN to create the route object for you as their aut-num object will be having a mnt-lower or mnt-routes which must authorise creation of routing information.