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AFRINIC CEO representing the NRO in London at the first gathering of the IANA Functions Stewardship Transition Coordination Group

17 July 2014 – On 14 March 2014, the US Department of Commerce's National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) announced the intention to transition the oversight of key Internet functions, including the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) to the global Internet multi-stakeholder community.

The NTIA has asked ICANN to convene all stakeholders to develop a proposal to transition the current role played by NTIA in the coordination of the Internet’s domain name and number system. The Coordination Group is comprised of individuals nominated by each represented community. These 27 individuals represent the 13 communities of all stakeholders. Adiel Akplogan, CEO AFRINIC, and Paul Wilson, DG of APNIC, were selected by the Number Resource Organization (NRO) to represent the collective interests of the five Regional Internet Registries (RIRs).


Community Participation

As one of IANA's key stakeholders, it is crucial that the AFRINIC community discusses and formulates effective input for submission into the oversight transition proposal in order to ensure that Africa and the Indian Ocean region's unique needs are taken into consideration. AFRINIC will work with its Members, the African community, governments and other industry stakeholders throughout Africa and the Indian Ocean to facilitate discussion and formulate effective input into the oversight transition proposal to ensure that the region’s unique needs are taken into consideration. Discussion held at local and regional level will be fed into global consultations.


More information about the IANA Oversight Transition can be found on our dedicated page. Find out more on how you can have your say and stay up to date with the latest developments. AFRINIC encourages everyone to subscribe to its IANA Oversight mailing list and participate in the discussions:

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