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Call for Presentations for AFRINIC-23 is Open

28 September 2015 - We invite all individuals wishing to present during AFRINIC-23, which will be held from 28 November to 4 December 2015 to submit their presentation abstract. 

To enrich the discussions and share knowledge with the technical community at AFRINIC-23, we are seeking presentations of a wide range of issues, broadly related to access and development of the Internet in Africa. We are specifically interested in presentations focusing on: 


• Internet Governance

• E-governance

• Core Internet Infrastructure

• Access, Utility and Development

• The Internet and Economic Development

• Business Practices and Technology

• Higher Education in the Age of Technology

• Cyber Security

• Technology and Business

• Cloud Computing

• Open Data/Big Data

• Technology and Content Production

• Relations between Mobile Operators and the Internet Community

• Mobile Applications

• IPv6

• Peering and Interconnection

• DNS 


• IXPs 


Your contribution can be in the form of a presentation during a session, a tutorial, or a live technical demonstration. 

Kindly read all information carefully before submitting your proposal. 


Speakers’ Guidelines

• Presentations should be 15 -30 minutes in length, with approximately 10-15 minutes for Q&A at the end of each presentation.

• The maximum time allotted per presentation will not exceed 45 minutes.

• The presenter(s) will be required to upload their final presentation in PDF format, no later than five (5) days prior to the presentation date.

• Presenters are responsible for producing any handouts if required. There are usually approximately 200 delegates in each session.

Presentations with marketing and/or commercial content will not be considered.


How to submit a Presentation Proposal

1. Please register on the AFRINIC-23 website here 

2. Following your registration you will get an email notification

3. Log in with your credentials

4. Fill in the online forms available in the ‘Profile’, 'Organisation’ and 'Speakers' sections. 

5. In the Speakers section, provide your abstract, your biography and slides if available and you are done!


Important dates to note

• Deadline for submitting an application – 24 October 2015

• Notification of acceptance of application – 28 October 2015

• Submission of draft presentation –  4 November 2015

• Submission of  final presentation - 28 November 2015


We look forward to reading your proposals.

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